Using Paver Patterns to Make a Statement with Your Driveway


Driveways in most suburban homes have generic asphalt or boring gray concrete. While those materials get the job done, they don’t compare to the strength and versatility of pavers. If you want to get a paved driveway built for your property, you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out how you can make a statement with your driveway by using paver patterns.

The Details

  1. Valet driveway – Driveways are susceptible to oil stains. So, it’s best to choose a paver pattern that makes a statement while being practical. If you love the soothing and elegant look of garden greens, you can incorporate them into your paver driveway with permeable stone pavers. Permeable stone pavers have gaps in between them that allow water and other liquid to drain through to lower levels. You can build a driveway with neutral-colored stone pavers that have artificial grass growing between them. This creates a fantastic look that makes your driveway stand out in the neighborhood.
  1. Geometric design – When you have permeable pavers, you don’t need to limit yourself to that simple grid pattern. You can play around with the style any way you want as long as there are sufficient gaps to drain out the water. If you have a modern home with an industrial and bold design with dark colors, consider getting a driveway with geometric shapes made from large stone pavers.

The pavers need to be thick and large enough to create enough visual contrast with your home. It’s also best to choose a color that contrasts with your home. For instance, if you have a dark gray color on the walls, choose pearl white stone pavers for the driveway.

  1. Cobblestone – A cobblestone path or driveway usually transports you to Europe. They look neat, have a rustic charm, and can last you for decades without an issue. If you enjoy sitting by the patio or the firepit with a cup of coffee and your favorite book in your hand, you can build a cobblestone driveway to reflect your relaxed and rustic personality.

Moreover, modern technology allows you to build a cobblestone driveway without the use of expensive cobblestones. You can mimic a cobblestone driveway with paver patterns. While a cobblestone path or road looks amazing, it’s difficult to maintain and driving over it every day leads to frequent repairs. Instead, you can use gray and black stone pavers with a rounded and concave top to mimic the charming look of cobblestones.

To further unify the look and make it truly belong there, you can use vintage torches and replace your existing doorway with an old wooden vintage doorway. The aim is to make the driveway as cohesive as possible with the rest of your property. Instead of regular square patterns, you can create a driveway with concentric circles of alternating gray and black.

  1. Herringbone – The herringbone pattern is a classic and it has been timeless for quite some time. It has been one of the most popular power patterns and for all the right reasons. The typical herringbone pattern uses 4by8 pavers that are installed at a right angle or a 45-degree angle in front of the home. While other paver patterns have run their course, this one refuses to be a favorite among many homeowners. Instead, it has only become more elegant over time.

You can use this pattern for your driveway to reflect your consistency with time and how you are able to brave through the tides and make your place in all aspects of life despite the challenges. You can use this pattern in all sorts of homes. Whether your home has a modern and minimalist design or old Victorian charm, this pattern and its numerous variations would fit perfectly.

  1. Randomized harmony – Organized patterns are pleasing to the eye. However, they lack zing and unique flavors. If you are someone who likes order within chaos and would like your home to show the same, then a randomized yet harmonic pattern would be great for your driveway. You can create a driveway with paver stones of different sizes. However, they need to be part of the same collection. This allows you to create a random pattern on your driveway while preserving a sense of symmetry.

You can even make your combination of randomness and harmony as you want. For instance, you can add one more layer to the above-mentioned combination by choosing five different-sized stones of the same shape with five unique shades of the same color. You can create amazing patterns with this sort of combination. While the pattern appears chaotic at a glance, it all makes sense when your guests give it a few seconds.

  1. Intricate designs – The greatest statement you can make with paver patterns is to build a driveway with intricate patterns. Intricate patterns are very complex since they are not the usual repetitive patterns that spread from one corner to the other. For instance, you can make a paver pattern that looks like a giant compass on your driveway.

That means the pavers create a circular pattern for the most part and it all changes as it comes to the center. You’ll need to use different sizes and colors of paver stones to shape the needles and mark the directions as well. It’s quite complicated and may even require the help of advanced landscaping software for creating the design.

That’s not all. This kind of paver pattern will also require lots of precise cutting and highly skilled workers to execute the complexity. That means the cost of such a driveway would be much higher and repairs would also be more costly since it would require additional cutting. However, it’s all worth it as long as it allows you to reflect your sense of art and you can afford the expenses.


Pavers are incredible building materials for driveways since they are strong, durable, low-maintenance, and offer you to custom design your driveway exactly the way you want. If you want to make a statement with your driveway by using those paver patterns, you can search for “paving companies near me” and leave it to the pros.


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