How geyser is the main culprit behind high electricity bills?

Winter is just here and it is one of the most wonderful times of the year. But one cannot deny the fact that having a shower with cold water is just unbearable. Having a geyser in the cold and dry season is highly important to stay away from catching a cold and having nice warm showers. However, this home appliance can also be the reason for high electricity bills during this season.

There are many other reasons as well which can shoot up the electricity bill but most of the time the main culprit is found to be the geyser. So, if you are tired of paying unnecessary bills which are causing a hole in your pocket then it is important to find a way that can reverse the situation.

How much energy does a geyser consume?

To find the answer to every question, it is essential to know your water geyser consumes energy. This home appliance is power-hungry and thus is the only way it generates heat by using electricity.

However, the electricity consumption by geyser also depends on its efficiency, duration, size, set temperature, etc. An electric geyser can consume around 400 kWh every month and even more during the winter season. This happens when the geyser is set at a high temperature which further leads to high energy bills.

Tips to reduce high energy bills caused due to electric geyser

Here are some of the tips which will help you to reduce the high electricity bills caused due to electric geysers:

·       Set the thermostat of the geyser – It is the thermostat that allows the water temperature to be according to your preference. Every geyser temperature can be set from 40 to 75 degrees Celsius. Thus, to avoid excess consumption of electricity, the thermostat should be set accordingly. This way one can avoid high electricity bills.

·       Avoid keeping the water heater on for a long time – Many people keep the geyser on for a long time which leads to energy wastage and high electricity bills. After reaching the preferred temperature, shut down the geyser. This way the excess electricity won’t be consumed and you can save it.

·       Size of the geyser – Whether you are buying a geyser online or offline, its size matters. Many people buy geysers without knowing what size is suitable for them. Oversized geyser will result in heating extra water which is not necessary. Therefore, opting for the right size instant water heater is crucial. This way you can avoid facing high electricity bills.

·       Geyser with a star rating – While shopping for a geyser, one should always look for a star rating geyser. Many people think that it is not necessary but the appliance with a 5-star rating consumes very little electricity. However, the star rating geyser price can be slightly high. But this will only work in your favor and you will face minimum monthly energy bills.


Geyser is the most important home appliance during every season. However, it can consume high energy when not taken care of. The above-mentioned tips will help you maintain electricity bills while keeping a track of your geyser.


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